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martie 14, 2013

City of Brussels from 22nd floor of Madou tower west wing

City of Brussels from 22nd floor of Madou tower west wing

What a twat! Posing with his office view… I agree but right now it’s among a very few things which keep me in this city. And as the view will soon be history, I thought I’d write a short note about it to remind me in the months to come about a peak in my career. The view is also for my 5yo daughter who visited my work place and was glued to window gazing at the city. (Luckily she is not yet able to read, otherwsie I’d have to explain what the beginning of the post means.)

A vague feeling of regret is creeping in as I contemplate the „downgrade” in office space after 3 years. The whole department is being subjected to it. In fact the whole DIGI. The Education and Culture Department is downshifting to a concrete building in the european quarters of Brussels. Departments from other institutions have, for the past two months, been filling vacated rooms of this very Madou tower building. People do not talk about it. It wouldn’t look professional. They go with the flow hopping for a quick adjustment and forget all about the view of higher city spaces.

To me it’s just a signal that I should set sail again. Look for even greener pastures. I am used to it. In fact, this harbour’s been keeping my sails down longer than expected. Surely not good for the spirit. Good for fortune though! Sticking long enough in one place can build ona a fortune if one is doing the right thing. It seems I’m not.

Not sure why I started, and still continuing, writing this post in english. The fact is I’ve missed writing in english but I dont feel so confident about it anymore. I am not talking about emails or short messages and bla blas but thoughts and ideas. When I started Jurnal de Cafenea back in August 2012 (although I am a bit ashamed of my first post), I wanted to concentrate my writing on the language I feel more at home with, romanian. I wanted to write for romanians. For romanians alone! I wonder why… An unexpected and pleasant surprise the other day rekindled my desire for expressing myself in english. And here, I’d like to thank Cody for taking an interest in my romanian posts!

While I sat on my programmer’s chair at work, I thought I’d write this on behalf of my colleagues here. They don’t know it but I think they share my feelings. Those, in a less fortunate spot of the room, may not. The reshuffle can bring a better office life for some.

I hope, in the new – half grounded – fluorescently lit office, these images will bring our spirits high again.

Some more shots taken with my phone camera taken at different times of the year:

Rainbow over the city of Brussels

Rainbow over the city of Brussels. My camera sais this shot was taken on 4 December 2012

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