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noiembrie 4, 2013

I almost exclusively use my car for long holiday trips and without the daily commute, travelling alone is not a daunting routine anymore. I pass the time listening to a few audio books and I spicy it up with taking photographs of the beautiful scenery available. My photo gear is placed handy on the front seat or behind my chair on the floor for easy access during the driving breaks.

The motorways in Germany have not only the intrinsic quality derived from a good design but combined with favourable weather conditions they have a great potential for taking some amazing photographs. Some parking places offer a great view.

On my last trip through Germany I wanted to try something new. I wanted to take pictures whilst driving. A slight hazard but the experience was entertaining. Actually, the reason I did it this way was that, I didn’t want the journey to become a drag because of my rambling through the fields around the car parks and some interesting sites were not accessible without stopping the car on the hard shoulder. (On previous trips I lost the track of time especially when photographing cars at high speed practising camera panning and as a result my family started calling  to find out why I am taking so long. To blame? The traffic, of course.)

Here are some shots taken with my compact Fuji Finepix EXR550 and I think the results are not too bad. I did some level adjustments and slight sharpening (Unsharp Mask) in Photoshop before resizing and uploading. For most pictures the camera was on Shutter Speed priority @ 1/250 or 1/320 to freeze the „moving” scenery as my car was rolling at about 120km/h.

Taking the pictures this way, I realised how fast the auto-focusing on this little camera is. With and without zoom. Amazing!

I must mentioned the disappointment I had trying the same type of pictures with my 7D mounted with a 17-40mm f4 L lense. As with any new thing I wanted to give it some credit but I abandoned any further attempts as the lense was hunting indefinitely. Useless! It just would not focus where Fuji locked the subject almost instantaneously.

Germany (Oct-Nov 2013)

Motorway and clouds in Germany

Motorway. Germany

Power station. Germany

Industrial plant. Germany

Industrial plant. Germany

Three trees on the field. Germany

Red mound. Germany

Hay fields. Germany

Red train running along the motorway. Germany


Tunnel exit. Germany

Fields along the motorway. Germany



Motorway E40 cutting through forest. Poland

Motorway E40 cutting through forest. Poand

Historic site on motorway E40. Poland

Historic site on motorway E40. Poland

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