Away on Christmas Day

decembrie 26, 2013

There is something oblivious about the days following Christmas. With closest ones around the table you realise you’ve grown astray.
The dead have stolen our lives. To trade an entire year for One Day… What a blunder!

Ozzy Osbourne once said: „Christmas is all about spending time with the family but good things happen too.”
Why does the wisdom (or blasphemy) of this man whose music doesn’t appeal, to say the least, comes to mind?

Alone for Christmas may not be as disconcerting as some may want us to believe. Mainly the ones who ”are not alone” If you are alone the entire year, I bet on Christmas you will look for loneliness.

Christmas… splendour spoiled by familiarity. Why does everyone feels should be at home for Christmas? Why not run away on Christmas day? I’d like to spend the Christmas with strangers, away.

I refused the Christmas meal and went for a long walk whilst dear ones remained trapped around the tree camouflaged in lights, hanging sweets and glitter. A warm day with strong winds resembling April.
I scavenged the only open cafeteria for a latté and an apple cake. Irascible mothers, insecure wives, men void of ideas. A wide screen feeds happiness. No signs of snow in the coming days..

Later that evening. A whole pepper seed keeps rolling into my last spoon of beetroot soup. Would have been easier if I had dolmas.

Bradul de Craciun

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