Waterstones’ word of justice

ianuarie 20, 2014

Waterstons in Brussels'  word of justice

Sunday I usually go for a walk with point terminus Waterstones. Yesterday was no different. From last visit I kept on thinking about a shelf I wanted to check out: the poetry section. A film I watched a while back (Dead Poets Society) brought Shelly and Tennyson to my attention during this mild January. To which conjuncture I owe this delayed reaction I cannot tell because I do not know. This section stands out now if you look down to your right (and most certainly you do watch your steps) when you walk up the circular stairs to the first floor.

The good energy and the soft carpet turn this place into an attractive playground at times, for children and parents alike. With the lunch out of the way, this is the last chance to leaf trough a couple of books before driving back home. Try getting into a recent translation of Ovid’s lamentations in a nursery; beyond me with a mother of hangovers. Before long the books reclaimed the proprietary silence. After about an hour of leafing through the Photography magazines and reading random verses from Tennyson, Nabokov (translations of Russian poetry into English), Rumi, Ovid and the above mentioned, I found something suitable to my rather strange after-party taste: Shelly’s Ode To The West Wind and Other Poems and You Remind Me Of Marilyn Monroe by Steven Berkoff. Two less meaty books aimed at encouraging my culture-consumer appetite, booklets I would call.

It was a time well spent until I felt my legs hurting as I am never lucky enough to find the armchair available so I left the shop with the books in the plastic bag for which I hesitantly gave my consent to the Sunday cashier. The message on the carrier bag did come to my attention quite late, at home – as did anything else during yesterday – „Words cannot do justice to the pleasures of a good bookshop. Ironically!”. Is this Waterstones’ self affliction campaign in response to the Sterling Books opening a café at their shop on Rue du Fosse aux Loups or Filigranes on Avenue des Arts?


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