Place du Congrès 2010-2012, a vanished window into the heart of the city

aprilie 3, 2014

Placed on the edge of the inner most hill of Brussels it resembled a window onto the city, a ‘pier’ where the sea of buildings could be contemplated in the sunset. People used to come and lean against the stainless steel bar and hover their eyes over the building roofs or just sit on the concrete benches having a drink. It was a good place to practice photography. The graffiti on the walls of the surrounding buildings added a particular charm to its secluded urban decay. The Place laid abandoned for a number of years, only to be claimed in 2013 by the construction industry.

place-du-congres-bruxelles-2010-01-P1030738Spending time on Place du Congrès was a way to disconnect  from the city.


place-du-congres-bruxelles-2010-03-P1030795Watching in the opposite direction, one could see the monument of unknown soldier and  Madou tower in the distance

place-du-congres-brussels-2010-05-P1030935Sun sets over the city

place-du-congres-brussels-2010-P1030864Buildings in the sunset viewed from Place du Congrès

place-du-congres-bruxelles-2010-06-P1040070Leaning over the stainless steel bar the city roads revealed themeselves below

place-du-congres-after-rain-2012-01My last memories of Place du Congrès

Crossing it and going down its stairs provided a convenient short-cut to town centre

place-du-congres-rain-sunshine-2012Place du Congrès right after the rain in 2012

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