Notes from my work diary – A better way to communicate needs

mai 23, 2014

An analyst… more than a year in the project now. Have you come across a left handed communicator?  If we were to fence or box he would knock you out in the first round.

I need to find a way to communicate with him without getting frustrated after the initial verbal exchange. The challenge is to shorten my sentences to such extent so that he does not have time to interrupt.

One method is to wait and not speak until he exhausts his ammunition. Then throw at him the shortest sentence possible. Sometimes a single sound or an and is enough to get him started again. I do this a few times, each time adding an extra sound to bleed his words out. Then, maybe then, I could formulate one full sentence without being interrupted.

(How to make a work environment not laughable? It’s hard when the language does not sound right. (I hope I sound right.))

Very frustrating but I am getting better at it. I am not addressing him any more verbally. Instead, I  send an email and I ask him to write in plain English what he means and I quoted him this: „If you can’t write it, you can’t think it.” or something like this.  This had a positive effect in communication (not sure if for the project as well). At least it created less friction.

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