A message from the bottom of the food chain

iunie 19, 2014

There are people you simply feel comfortable working with. My manager is one of them. The sort of freedom I have from him suits the way I want to work. But not just that. There is a lean exchange of information and frustration is virtually non-existing. In 4+ years not a conflict. Occasional disagreements yes but those were elegantly solved. Initially I treated the absence of professional tension, usually displayed in private sector, as a missing ingredient to achieve success. Quite wrong. Some people need to feel the omnipresence of a strong leader. I don’t. I’m actually quite refractory to authority. I work a lot better when my leader allows me to manage myself. So, we talk trust here. I met a couple of managers in my working life who were like that. I was lucky I guess.

His blue blood family hit by misfortune, left him with no choice but to work for a living. I don’t care if this is true or not, at least fulfils my needs for stories.

With the whole Agile thing going on at work and the stolen project (this is personal (isn’t everything personal?)) we both face one more challenge. How will we resolve it so I do have a job and he remains as composed and detached as ever.

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