Home alone – (& mindfully creative)

mai 20, 2015

Creativity does not need a strong vehicle.

mindful photos

As a person disabled by MND, I freely admit there are days when I’m just too tired, ill, stiff, painful (or all of the above) to get out of the house. So in glass half empty terms, my photographic opportunities on those „home-alone” days are limited.

stairway to hell

When it’s hell just trying to get up the stairs, officially that’s called being „housebound”, but I’ve always had a problem with officialdom and I don’t see myself as bound or tied to anything.

looking battered but still free

Before I had an established mindfulness practice, the thought of being on my own for long periods would fill me with dread. An interesting change occurred during those years of mindfulness and meditation – I’ve become much more „at home” with my own company.

I now love the peace of being alone and take the opportunity to mindfully do things that I enjoy, like playing my guitar, writing and…. photography. Yes…

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