noiembrie 23, 2016

England makes me feel I smile too little. Belgium that I smile too much. In Romania there is a saying „Gura bate curu'”.


noiembrie 21, 2016


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mr president

noiembrie 16, 2016

Mr President,

Your words are comforting. You said you will improve relations with Russia.
For my country this can only mean good things. Your military bases are now useless. Can you remove them even if my rotten government will try to do business with you.

One other thing, I was talking with my daughter the other day. She still believes in Santa but she is dreaming about going to New York. I don’t fly; she probably will, so please keep your promise!

feeling russian today

noiembrie 13, 2016

day ~ Sunday

activity ~ cooking

taste ~ Eristoff

smell ~ grill + Camel (daca nu mai ametesti fumezi prea mult)

sound ~ Russian balalaika songs in an undecipherable language (german?)


Din ce film?

noiembrie 3, 2016