The seaside village

august 30, 2020

Under foisor drinking beer.

Went to Plaja Midia in the morning. The sea put on a show. High waves. I went into the sea. The water was warm. From time to time the white waves were flooding the beach leaving behind little lagoons for kids and parents. As I was lying on my back on my cotton sheet with blue palms and orange suns my feet felt the cold contour of the first invading wave. Someone had the tent flooded. A micro dizaster. We raised and tried to save sheets, rucksacks and socks. We then moved to the higher edge right next to the bushes.

Is warm here. In the shadow is cool because of the breeze. It’s countryside about 4-5 km from the sea. The road is narrow and loaded with dust. The dust is brought to the village on the tourist’s cars. But that’s ok, gusts of wind swipe the dust off the cars onto the roads and fences and then back on the cars.

It’s Sunday afternoon. It Is quiet. A horse pulling a cart galloped on the road behind the fence. A car stopped by the gate its engine still running… It went.

I fed a cat some shnitzel last night. She came back this morning but I gave her some apple pie. She ate it.

Kids are passing by. They talk about money and some scooter. People greet on the road. A fly is desperately trying to come out of my beer can. I open another one.

Corbu, 30 Aug ’20