ianuarie 14, 2022

Ieri am luat un baton de nuga. Câștigul a fost că l-am împărțit la trei și nu ne-am mai atins nici de fursecuri nici de ciocolată.

Sub soare

aprilie 30, 2015

Stork flight in the sunApril 2015, Bacău 

Uneven ground

aprilie 28, 2015

Monday, 27 Apr ’15

Two days ago I started to build some steps in the garden. After last year’s leveling work it ended up with a higher patch of ground which needed easier access. The stones I’ve been collecting since November will now get used. Five piles of hand picked stones betrayed some presence during the cold months. There are still plenty of stones lying around waiting to be picked. (Is there a better way to remove stones from a garden?) I regret I did not sort them from the beginning. By shape would have made this job easier. 

I’m standing on the edge of the land. A portion of it started to wear off but it doesn’t bother me. It kind of gives way to nature’s contribution, revealing an enclosure for a little bench. I took my boots off, and my work trousers.  The remoteness  discarded all inhibition.  The dry crumbled ground quickly absorbs the sweat from my feet. The sun feels good. An earthly wind reminds me of the last snow which melted only weeks ago. It’s Monday morning and.. I’m here.

Making steps in the garden

Tuesday, 28th Body aches from digging and shoveling ground from one place to another. It started to rain. Writing.