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ianuarie 1, 2022

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Lost iPhone

septembrie 26, 2020

I told you about loosing my phone in the shopping area of Newstraat a week today. Ok, I didn’t. It somehow, I have the feeling with a little aid slipped out of my back pocket. Bad place to keep your phone. Or wallet when sitting. With it at least two years of diary went. What’s to do? Start over, carry on like nothing happened. Like nothing happened… I didn’t tell you that two hours later I was fiddling with my new second hand iPhone I purchased to make me feel better. And better I felt with my 6s cushioned up with a free screen protection foil and a sleek back cover with a big enough hole for the logo the agent sold me. I never pampered my phone with screen covers, back cover or bought a protection plan. I liked the nakedness of the gadget, felt good in the hand, slipped quickly inside the pocket and eventually out of it too.

A week on and I started to miss three features on my iPhone 5s. First is the size. Steve’s design principle stated that the phone should be operated with hand and your thumb should reach every function on the screen. With 6 is possible but doesn’t feel as comfortable. I didn’t want to mention it but I suppose it depends on the size of the hand.

The second is the magnifying bubble for typing text which provided an easy way to place the cursor between  letters. A quick googl tells me this feature is missed by many. It has been removed and replaced as of iOS 13 with an enlarged cursor when you tap-and-hold anywhere on the writing area. Unfortunately  the highlight-and-select feature gets too easily in the way or when you manage to do it the cursor isn’t big enough to be seen under the thumb unless you tilt the phone and peer under the phalanx.

The third, a poor design decision imo placed the power button on the side of the iPhone 6s, right opposite the volume buttons which inevitably get pressed when squeeze the phone to turn it off and then you wonder why your phone doesn’t ring. I liked better on top..

That’s it, no other complaints. Uh, one more thing, kind of obvious, the larger screen seem to drain the battery faster on the 6 than on the iPhone 5s.

Yes I did call it and texted it offering a 50 euros recompense for the lucky finder, futile action as it was locked with a pin.

I am still looking to get another 5s or an SE. If you happen to sell one in good condition, get in touch.

Sep 26 ’20, Brussels

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