Wipe 32 years of transition from comunism to capitalism (or democracy?). Here’s what we have now:

18 months into covid pandemic, in the eyes of oms and EU managers, the romanian liberal gov didn’t handle the vaccination very well. Profound orthodox and sensitive to any hint of authoritarian rulling the romanians rejected the vaccin in high numbers despite relentless press campain and incentives like food vouchers and literally beer and burgers offered at shopping malls and markets when you took the jab.

Around november all parties joined forces in a coalition to rule the country into mandatory vaccination and submission to globalist agenda.

The canning liberals, the rotten social democrats, the oportunists of democrat union of hungarian comunity Udmr (I wonder why such formation should exists, minorities are acknowledged in Romania and their rights respected) and in addition to the set the young neo-marxist formation USR. I just learned USR left the boat when the coalition was created. (As homework you can try to find out if any USR member joined in the mean time any party in the coalition)

At the top of this coalition seats an army general as new prime minister and just to remind the reader the president is Klaus Werner Johanis a teacher of german ethnicity turned city major in Sibiu. Praised for his administrative abilities intermingled with news about prince charles visiting and investing in Sibiu’s villages balloned this puppet of cupboard proportions into the seat no 1 of the country.

In oposition we have AUR (gold) alliance for union od romanians. Its sharp raise is suspicios but many are ready to overlook it as long as it challenges the current status quo.

It is clear that the whole political scene is anything but autohtone. But where does each formation receives its blood from and how to cut the supplies?

Two days ago on the 21.12 when the parliament had to vote the introduction of the green pass to all sectors of work about 10k from many regions protested outside parliament. The Capitol scenario was used when a few people entered the yard and sprayed an official black beemer. The crowd was not managed, no real plan. It almost seems like they went there to receive a blow in the teeths. In fact the two AUR elements Sosoaca and Simion have managed to weaken it by splitting it.

In the evening when the coaches started to leave the capital they were stopped and people were ID’ed and got fines in the post. Allegedly the protest was not authorised. (Had all caracteristic of an organic one) Around 10pm the independent journalist Iosefina Pascal was ‘picked’ from her home by 5 police and taken to the capital’s police centre for identification. What?!

The protest delayed the vote for the introduction of the green pass with two days. That’s it. Thsi protest was anounced on social media and just the day before the Railway workers decide an ad-hoc strike. Nope, not joking.

Culturally fed francophone afinities, pretentious names like ‘the little paris’ attributed to the capital city suitable to a fossilized post ww1 generation seems to be taking romania the wrong root. We do not have any visible or reasuring relationship with any neighbouring country. How is that possible?

Given the current conditions, how did the exiteers did it?

The seaside village

august 30, 2020

Under foisor drinking beer.

Went to Plaja Midia in the morning. The sea put on a show. High waves. I went into the sea. The water was warm. From time to time the white waves were flooding the beach leaving behind little lagoons for kids and parents. As I was lying on my back on my cotton sheet with blue palms and orange suns my feet felt the cold contour of the first invading wave. Someone had the tent flooded. A micro dizaster. We raised and tried to save sheets, rucksacks and socks. We then moved to the higher edge right next to the bushes.

Is warm here. In the shadow is cool because of the breeze. It’s countryside about 4-5 km from the sea. The road is narrow and loaded with dust. The dust is brought to the village on the tourist’s cars. But that’s ok, gusts of wind swipe the dust off the cars onto the roads and fences and then back on the cars.

It’s Sunday afternoon. It Is quiet. A horse pulling a cart galloped on the road behind the fence. A car stopped by the gate its engine still running… It went.

I fed a cat some shnitzel last night. She came back this morning but I gave her some apple pie. She ate it.

Kids are passing by. They talk about money and some scooter. People greet on the road. A fly is desperately trying to come out of my beer can. I open another one.

Corbu, 30 Aug ’20

Cafeneaua lui Mahmut

iulie 24, 2020

Nicolae TONITZA, Cafeneaua lui Mamut” la Balcic

Meniul zilei

iulie 10, 2020

Ar trebui să vin în țară dar răsfoind presa României mesajul îndeamnă să te grăbești în direcție opusă. Un mood macabru alimentat meticulos de hoarda jurnaliștilor flămânzi unei populații dornice de bârfă și informații inutile. Voi înșira binecunoscutele sperietori cu majusculă așa cum îmi vin la gură. Vazându-le și citindu-le parcă te mai liniștești, dai piept cu necuratu’. Așadar, această hoardă a dracilor apocaliptici:

Caniculă, Inundații, Secetă, Cutremure, Țevi sparte, Legi proaste, Proxeneți, Bastoane de cauciuc, Găști, Interlopi, Câini mutilați, Ambuteiaje, Putin, Descarcerări, Înspăimântări, Dineuri cu proști, Grindină, Majorări, Judecători corupți, Calote topite, Preoți păcătoși, Falimente, Copii abandonați, Copii vânduți, Avorturi, Profesori neputincioși, Pacienți incendiați, Tornade, Bătrâni izolați, Salcâmi demenți, Polen, Fraudă, Căpușe, Cod galben, Lipsă de paturi, Gogoneaua montană, Basarabia pământ românesc, Intoxicări cu carne, Braconieri, Cimitirul ‘vesel’, Autonomie maghiară, Depozite în flăcări, Art nouveau (inegalități), Noii covizi.

Lipsesc: Activarea vulcanilor noroioși, Deraierile de trenuri, Fisurarea barajelor, Crăparea podulu ide la Cernavodă, Rușii la Prut, Ungurii la Kolosvar, Bulgarii la Agigea, Autonomia ținutului secuiesc asediat in mijlocul ținutului românesc, teminarea fondului de pensii, suspendarea livrării gazelor, mutarea capitalei la Adjud. Lista continuă.


februarie 12, 2015

România prin obiectivul fotografei poloneze Marta Gruszkowska, http://gadjodilo.blox.pl/tagi_b/2720/Rumunia.html