Away on Christmas Day

decembrie 26, 2013

There is something oblivious about the days following Christmas. With closest ones around the table you realise you’ve grown astray.
The dead have stolen our lives. To trade an entire year for One Day… What a blunder!

Ozzy Osbourne once said: „Christmas is all about spending time with the family but good things happen too.”
Why does the wisdom (or blasphemy) of this man whose music doesn’t appeal, to say the least, comes to mind?

Alone for Christmas may not be as disconcerting as some may want us to believe. Mainly the ones who ”are not alone” If you are alone the entire year, I bet on Christmas you will look for loneliness.

Christmas… splendour spoiled by familiarity. Why does everyone feels should be at home for Christmas? Why not run away on Christmas day? I’d like to spend the Christmas with strangers, away.

I refused the Christmas meal and went for a long walk whilst dear ones remained trapped around the tree camouflaged in lights, hanging sweets and glitter. A warm day with strong winds resembling April.
I scavenged the only open cafeteria for a latté and an apple cake. Irascible mothers, insecure wives, men void of ideas. A wide screen feeds happiness. No signs of snow in the coming days..

Later that evening. A whole pepper seed keeps rolling into my last spoon of beetroot soup. Would have been easier if I had dolmas.

Bradul de Craciun

Lumina sfântă‎

decembrie 23, 2013

Umbra divina


Divine lights


Poezie decupată din ziar

decembrie 20, 2013

În Ianuarie 2010 când am ajuns la Bruxel am găsit o ediție a unui ziar românesc care a încetat să mai apară. Dacă mi-amintesc bine se numea Universul Românesc. În el am găsit două poezii de Theodor Nicolae Poiană care mi-au plăcut mult mai ales că nu auzisem de el. Le-am găsit 3 ani mai târziu îngălbenite în hârtia lor de ziar, tot iarna, printre niște cărți.


Zăpezile mele

Saptamana trecuta Uniunea Europeana a publicat documentul strategic pe o perioada de 7 ani pentru finantarea proiectelor in domeniile creatiei si culturii. Aceste finantari vizeaza initiativele de pe teritoriul national dar si cele de colaborare intre organizatiile statelor Uniunii Europene.

Antreprenorii cu idei in acest sector pot gasi informatii utile aici:

Alte surse pentru antreprenoriat:
Programul Sirius atrage tineri antreprenori in Marea Britanie

In Septembrie 13 uitasem ca nu mai sunt de mult superstitios. Azi, Vineri 13 Decembrie, astept un semn..

Friday evening – a walk in town (upd.  Sat 14 Dec):

Passage to townPassage to town

Christmas feverChristmas fever

Women in the waiting area of  University HospitalWomen in the waiting area of  Saint Jean Children Clinique

Central Station Brussels on Friday eveningBrussels Central Station on Friday evening

Friday night trafficFriday night traffic

Friday lateFriday, late

Radek, a work colleague and a passionate photographer, went on a trip to Romania where he shot some nice pictures. Beyond the landscapes he found that the tradition lives on.  I would title his shot „După dealuri..” (beyond hills)

Obiceiuri de Craciun - Taiatul si parlitul porcului la Romani

Radoslaw Pujan Photography

Radek’s more recent work:

Winter Fair – Brussels 2013

decembrie 8, 2013

St Catherine winter fair 2013

Ice skate rink Brussels

Ice skating in Brussels

Eccentric character on ice rink

Market stand at winter fair Brussels 2013

Last night the weather channels issued warning calls for a major storm hitting Northern Europe. Strong winds were announced in Scotland (UK), Sweden, Denmark and particularly Holland. Nelson Mandela died. Maybe, this storm should take his name. The Belgium coast was to experience strong winds too. Last night children expected St. Nicholas… A flight took off south in stormy weather.

8pm. My work colleague, an enthusiast photographer, called to ask if I want to go to the sea to take pictures of the storm. I usually refuse nocturne escapades but on this day I had a good reason to turn an enormously regular evening into a storm chasing mission on the shores of Knokke – Zeebrugge, Belgium.

The pictures we took last night on the windy beaches remind me of images fed on the news of man on a moon mission. Our was „planting” an electric Christmas Tree.

Moonscape simulatorThe beach at night became a moonscape simulator

The beach at night lit by electric christmas treeThe beach at night lit by electric Christmas tree

Moonlanding vehicleOur „moonlanding vehicle” . In fact a Christmas decoration on the beach

Man on the moon missionMan on the „moon mission” (D. setting his camera on the windy beach)

Electric Christmas treeElectric Christmas tree

Electric Christmas tree„Mission accomplished”

Port lights reflectionZeebrugge port lights reflected on the receding waves

Bate toaca la biserica Sf Parascheva, Bruxelles

Copacul din Bruxelles la 1 DecembrieCopacul din gradina la amiaza

Prin oras…

Family in the parc on Sunday afternoonRoyal Park, Brussels

AIDS day in BrusselsAIDS Day, Brussels

Window reflectionsWindow reflections at City2 Brussels

Out of City2 Shopping CentreOut of City2 Shopping Centre. Brussels

Homeless woman waiting for the shelterHomeless woman waiting for the shelter to open. Brussels