septembrie 30, 2021

Tolstoy Ploughing – Ilya Repin


Fiecare cu marea lui

septembrie 15, 2021

Culegatori de scoici la Mamaia.
Culegatori de scoici. Mamaia 2021

Alte titluri: Fiecare batran cu marea lui / Golful Pescarilor /

Zâmbet curat

septembrie 13, 2021

Zâmbesc de fiecare dată la frații mei întîmpinîndu-i. Uneori ne şi îmbrățişăm. Dacă treceam printr-un război poate ne şi sărutam cu sufletele luminate că mai trăim o zi. În schimb vedem cum se aluncă spre înlocuirea dragostei dintre bărbați ca frați de sânge cu o tumoare socială bine inginerită a celor care se fut in cur că le place. Aşa că dragi prieteni, nu mai zâmbiți cu zâmbetul!


iunie 22, 2021

Asa se elimină cuvântul Nu.


iunie 22, 2021

Luați labele de pe Maria Tănase!

La hotel

mai 29, 2021

Între 6 și 8 fiecare simte nevoia să facă ceva. Ideeeea e ca tu sa mai rămâi o perioadă așa. Nu zicea cioran ca cele mai bune idei îți vin pe orizontală?

Scaun pliant

aprilie 24, 2021

In conditiile in care strada a devenit teren minat nu vom mai putea pasi la fel, adica la voia intamplarii pe unde ar dori sa ne mai poarte pasii pe la cate o gradina cu mese sau cu flori, pe la vreo coroana de pom inflorit sau pentru a da binete vreunui vecin inrudit. Este imperativ necesar ca in aceasta perioada fiecare om sanatos sa achizitioneze si sa poarte cu el un scaun pliant fie pescaresc, fie vanatoresc pe ca sa-l poata deschide acolo unde pofteste si pe care sa şadă cat pofteste cu atat mai mult cu cat locul in care traieste nu a mai fost demult sfintit.

Datorita restrictiilor ingineresti noul sau obiect nu-i va oferi niciodata confortul unui sezlong dar ii va mentine pozitia dreapta si atentia indreptata spre orizont. De azi scaunul va fi tovarasul lui de drum asa cum bunicul tovarasea cu briceagul primit in dar de la tatal sau. Dupa cum spune si vorba locului, un om normal poarta scaunul la cap dar a venit timpul sa-l coboare nitel acolo unde se poate si aseza pe el.


aprilie 20, 2021

Apr. 2021

April snow

aprilie 14, 2021

Global warming, local cooling


decembrie 27, 2020

Ascult cântarea psalmilor. Mă uit la câine şi am sentimentul că indiferent de religie tot sufletul e ortodox.

Cuvântul anului

decembrie 24, 2020

The muse

noiembrie 7, 2020

We could meet by the sea on the day she’ll have the colour of your eyes.
Socialy un-distanced we walk along the shore listening to the wave’s talk. A reason to stay, a reason to go..
I watch from afar the wind playing with your hair hiding and showing glimpses of beauty lit by the glistening sea.
A little more time for a good portrait… I wanted you to look but I kept waiting and as if you heard my whispers there it was, surprised, unbound from the imensity of green your eyes would gaze into the distance, at me.

Photographing the muse


octombrie 25, 2020

Covid19 measures – extreme right against measures.

My 6 week job

octombrie 22, 2020

Thank you and Kind regards,

Kind regards,




F y.

Lost iPhone

septembrie 26, 2020

I told you about loosing my phone in the shopping area of Newstraat a week today. Ok, I didn’t. It somehow, I have the feeling with a little aid slipped out of my back pocket. Bad place to keep your phone. Or wallet when sitting. With it at least two years of diary went. What’s to do? Start over, carry on like nothing happened. Like nothing happened… I didn’t tell you that two hours later I was fiddling with my new second hand iPhone I purchased to make me feel better. And better I felt with my 6s cushioned up with a free screen protection foil and a sleek back cover with a big enough hole for the logo the agent sold me. I never pampered my phone with screen covers, back cover or bought a protection plan. I liked the nakedness of the gadget, felt good in the hand, slipped quickly inside the pocket and eventually out of it too.

A week on and I started to miss three features on my iPhone 5s. First is the size. Steve’s design principle stated that the phone should be operated with hand and your thumb should reach every function on the screen. With 6 is possible but doesn’t feel as comfortable. I didn’t want to mention it but I suppose it depends on the size of the hand.

The second is the magnifying bubble for typing text which provided an easy way to place the cursor between  letters. A quick googl tells me this feature is missed by many. It has been removed and replaced as of iOS 13 with an enlarged cursor when you tap-and-hold anywhere on the writing area. Unfortunately  the highlight-and-select feature gets too easily in the way or when you manage to do it the cursor isn’t big enough to be seen under the thumb unless you tilt the phone and peer under the phalanx.

The third, a poor design decision imo placed the power button on the side of the iPhone 6s, right opposite the volume buttons which inevitably get pressed when squeeze the phone to turn it off and then you wonder why your phone doesn’t ring. I liked better on top..

That’s it, no other complaints. Uh, one more thing, kind of obvious, the larger screen seem to drain the battery faster on the 6 than on the iPhone 5s.

Yes I did call it and texted it offering a 50 euros recompense for the lucky finder, futile action as it was locked with a pin.

I am still looking to get another 5s or an SE. If you happen to sell one in good condition, get in touch.

Sep 26 ’20, Brussels

Sent from my iPhone

The seaside village

august 30, 2020

Under foisor drinking beer.

Went to Plaja Midia in the morning. The sea put on a show. High waves. I went into the sea. The water was warm. From time to time the white waves were flooding the beach leaving behind little lagoons for kids and parents. As I was lying on my back on my cotton sheet with blue palms and orange suns my feet felt the cold contour of the first invading wave. Someone had the tent flooded. A micro dizaster. We raised and tried to save sheets, rucksacks and socks. We then moved to the higher edge right next to the bushes.

Is warm here. In the shadow is cool because of the breeze. It’s countryside about 4-5 km from the sea. The road is narrow and loaded with dust. The dust is brought to the village on the tourist’s cars. But that’s ok, gusts of wind swipe the dust off the cars onto the roads and fences and then back on the cars.

It’s Sunday afternoon. It Is quiet. A horse pulling a cart galloped on the road behind the fence. A car stopped by the gate its engine still running… It went.

I fed a cat some shnitzel last night. She came back this morning but I gave her some apple pie. She ate it.

Kids are passing by. They talk about money and some scooter. People greet on the road. A fly is desperately trying to come out of my beer can. I open another one.

Corbu, 30 Aug ’20

Cafeneaua lui Mahmut

iulie 24, 2020

Nicolae TONITZA, Cafeneaua lui Mamut” la Balcic

Meniul zilei

iulie 10, 2020

Ar trebui să vin în țară dar răsfoind presa României mesajul îndeamnă să te grăbești în direcție opusă. Un mood macabru alimentat meticulos de hoarda jurnaliștilor flămânzi unei populații dornice de bârfă și informații inutile. Voi înșira binecunoscutele sperietori cu majusculă așa cum îmi vin la gură. Vazându-le și citindu-le parcă te mai liniștești, dai piept cu necuratu’. Așadar, această hoardă a dracilor apocaliptici:

Caniculă, Inundații, Secetă, Cutremure, Țevi sparte, Legi proaste, Proxeneți, Bastoane de cauciuc, Găști, Interlopi, Câini mutilați, Ambuteiaje, Putin, Descarcerări, Înspăimântări, Dineuri cu proști, Grindină, Majorări, Judecători corupți, Calote topite, Preoți păcătoși, Falimente, Copii abandonați, Copii vânduți, Avorturi, Profesori neputincioși, Pacienți incendiați, Tornade, Bătrâni izolați, Salcâmi demenți, Polen, Fraudă, Căpușe, Cod galben, Lipsă de paturi, Gogoneaua montană, Basarabia pământ românesc, Intoxicări cu carne, Braconieri, Cimitirul ‘vesel’, Autonomie maghiară, Depozite în flăcări, Art nouveau (inegalități), Noii covizi.

Lipsesc: Activarea vulcanilor noroioși, Deraierile de trenuri, Fisurarea barajelor, Crăparea podulu ide la Cernavodă, Rușii la Prut, Ungurii la Kolosvar, Bulgarii la Agigea, Autonomia ținutului secuiesc asediat in mijlocul ținutului românesc, teminarea fondului de pensii, suspendarea livrării gazelor, mutarea capitalei la Adjud. Lista continuă.


aprilie 26, 2020

There must be a few out there resenting the idea of going back to normal. Long trips to work, meetings with colleagues, traffic, smoke, cancellations etc. Working from home the pressure can be even higher coping with  chores, family and work at the ‘same’ time. Out of work instead seems like an unusual thing, an impossible or even forbiden prolongued idle stretch of time. This quaranteen thing doesn’t seem too bad as long as there’s food in stores.  Give it enough time and the much dreaded shift in counsciousness is irreversible.
For the past two months the Covid-19 restrictions in movement are in place and thank to that we have a snapshot of what life could be if people thought twice before leaving their rooms. How do you like your city?
The quarantine didn’t change the picture too much for me and in the greater scheme two or three months does not seem like a very long time. Though long enough to see the uselesness of many dos we indulge in as society. But man cannot and should not sit still in one room more than necessary. Or should he? Or mustn’t he? Anyway, he mustn’t when he should and he should when he mustn’t. Wtf!?

The pandemic quarantine didn’t change much for me. Still enjoying the space of my room.

2014 found me living in a ground floor flat on a street in Brussels. An old building with wooden floors and high ceiling. The tall windows were behind a parking meter. One thin sheet of glass between the street and the sofa. Coins slided into the machine, coins rattling in the change box, ticket printed. A few seconds later the figure emerged into my lens. This was a day in july.

Brussels, july 12th 2014

Waiting place

aprilie 17, 2020

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


“Do you dare stay out?
Do you dare go in?
And IF you go in –
Should you turn left or right?
Or right and three-quarters?
Or maybe not quite.
You can get so confused that you’ll start in to race,
Down long wiggled roads at break- necking pace
And grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
Headed I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place…
For people just waiting.
Waiting for a train to go
Or a bus to come, or a plane to go
Or the mail to come, or the rain to go
Or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
Or waiting around for a Yes or No
Or waiting for their hair to grow.
Everyone is just waiting.
Waiting for the fish to bite
Or waiting for wind to fly a kite
Or waiting around for Friday night
Or waiting perhaps for their Uncle Jake
Or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
Or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
Or a wig with curls…
Or Another Chance.” 

– Dr. Seuss